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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 25 16:24:00 PDT 2009

I've sent him a working example of an xorg.conf file that implements
Xinerama, analysed its features for him, and strongly suggested that he
attempt to read it carefully and then see if he can implement its
features using a text editor.

I frequently send things like that back to prospective CABAL attendees
some days before a meeting, asking that they please try it out _now_ and
not just wait for the meeting.  Almost always, unfortunately, they blow
off the latter suggestion and just show up at the meeting, no better
prepared than they started.

Taking the path of least resistance wasn't _always_ something one
expected from newcomers at LUGs, especially when you made strong
recommendations about how to be prepared.   It's frustrating to see
people keep coming to CABAL meetings and wasting their time just because
they couldn't bother to do needed research and preparation, but what can
one do?

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Xinerama is what I need, and it's definitely been an exercise in frustration. I'm willing to buy a new graphics card, if someone can recommend one likely to work. Since this works so smoothly with Windows, it should be possible for someone with a good understanding of xorg.conf to create a configuration tool for Linux that would at least make the trial and error process easier. 

I'll try the instructions you pointed to, and either let you know if it works or show up if not.


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