[conspire] disk media recommendation for server

Calvin Wong deadcat at freeshell.org
Wed Jul 1 12:08:33 PDT 2009

i just ordered a sheeva plug few weeks ago (still waiting due to back order)
it comes with a built-in sd card slot and 1 usb port. i am thinking about
installing the os on the sd card instead of external usb drive.

are sd cards reliable enough to have an os  (server) installed on? or i should
just use the sd card slot as backup partition?

also are there any usb sound cards that works with linux? debian.
i have a hy554 3d usb sound card
but i think its either defective or doesn't work on linux.
so far it has not work on linux/windows/anything. just errors

please help out, i'll probably stop by cabal meeting one of these saturdays
once the thing gets here.. can't wait.

The Computer made me do it.

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