[conspire] Downloading new-ish debian-testing disc

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 13 23:50:39 PST 2009

Tonight's download is a new (introduced Jan. 12) CD image of a 1-disc
Debian Lenny installer (current "testing" branch), called the xfce+lxde
disc, which installs a lightweight XFCE4 X11 setup by default, but you
can install LXDE instead by passing "desktop=lxde" at the boot prompt.
I've just grabbed the i386 and x86_64 images.

For reasons I've alluded to in the thread with Nick, I basically don't
give a damn that Lenny's soon to become the Debian 5.0 new "stable"
release -- and use Debian-compatible installation media solely as a
means to bootstrap a functional system that then is fleshed out and
maintained by ongoing arrival of update packages while following one of
the development tracks, my preferred one being testing with non-default
access to unstable packages.

Completists can actually acquire a snapshot of the _entire_ Lenny
archive on installable media:  31 CDs, or 5 DVDs.  But, in most
scenarios, I personally consider that pointless:  Most of what you
install from the optical media is fodder for replacement from fetched
packages (remember:  I mean when following testing/unstable), so why
spend download time fetching ISOs of a lot of slightly obsolete software
that you'll be immediately replacing?

I used to fetch netinst images (barebones, 50MB or less) that fetched
_everything_ possible over the Net, but then remembered that I'm going
to be wasting a CDR on it, anyway, so nothing's hurt by wasting a disc
on a 650MB image that installs a comfortable initial system instead of a
50MB one that's so tight on space that it creaks.


The multi-arch directory is sprouting some interesting variants,
including a dir where a BlueRay disc will live:

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