[conspire] Sat, 1/10 Installfest/RSVP

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Mon Jan 12 09:23:20 PST 2009

Rick Moen:
> Canonical's LTS program, like similar 3- or 5-year support releases of
> RHEL and SLED/SLES are basically sops to the corporate market, where
> the dumbness of trying to limp distro releases forward for half a
> decade is widespread, and where the companies are willing to pay good
> money for that foolishness.

I don't consider it particularly foolish to want an OS with a fixed ABI
for a few years that still gets security updates.  You may want the
latest code for your laptop, but a server running a production service
is nice to not have to upgrade every six months.

Also, I prefer to think of the LTS track as a 1.5-5 year range.  There
are new LTS releases every couple of years, and that's a great time to
upgrade your production server.  I'm still running Hardy on my server,
and probably won't upgrade until the next LTS.  Fortunately Ubuntu
supports do-release-upgrade jumps between LTS releases.

When you manage hundreds of servers, upgrading (even in apt-based
distros!) can be a chore that gets in the way of real work.

All that said, yeah, new laptop needs new OS release.  Clinging to LTS
as a talisman of "stability" misses the point entirely.

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