[conspire] 'top' tricks (was: How much memory each process is taking up)

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Feb 25 00:13:57 PST 2009

Eric De Mund:
> (Thank you for that "M" trick in top(1), regarding which I just came
> across this bit in the man page: "Since this is primarily a service to
> former top users, these commands do not appear on any help screen".
> Arg.) 

You can control the columns used to sort with the < and > keys (although
it gives you no visual feedback as to which one is currently being
used).  My favorite thing is to fire up top, and then hit < immediately,
which sorts by process state.  Unfortunately it sorts backward from how
I'd like: it seems to go [Z, S, R, D], when I'm mostly interested in the
D-state (I/O wait) processes.  So I then need to hit shift-R to reverse
the sort order.

This is very handy when you're tracking down a thrashing process, or
when you've got some kind of lock contention dragging something down.
Few systems are CPU bound these days, so the Shift-M and <,Shift-R
tricks are the two most useful top modes I've found.

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