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BYOL is an acronym for Bring Your Own Laptop.

I invite you to:

BYOL-Meetup starts at 2:33 PM, Sunday Feb 15.

The venue is TechShop near Marsh and 101 in Menlo Park 94025:

We have WI-FI, electricity, a big room full of tables, ENORMOUS whiteboard,
and a get it done attitude.

BYOL-Meetup started as a Ruby meetup but I am expanding the topic footprint.

Other, broader topics:
  - Linux
  - Software Engineering
  - Application Performance
  - Website Operations
  - Databases
  - Artificial Intelligence
  - Mobile Application Development:

It boils down to this, if you want to learn something new, attend.

If you are wrestling with a technical problem, diagram it on the whiteboard
and let us chew on it.

If you want to walk through an online tutorial at a table with others rather
than alone at home, do it with us.

This meetup is also a potluck.

Feel free to bring a bag of carrots or some candy from the grocery store.

Or maybe something extravagant like a pizza or 6-pack of coffee.

In the coming months I'll be pitching bay-area-HR people to pitch software
developers at BYOL-Meetup with munchies.

If you work at a company with an HR-dept with open reqs for developers,
please ask your HR-dept if they want to provide some quacamole and chips to

Dan Bikle

bikle at bikle.com
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