[conspire] Portable MP3 Player Loading From Linux

Mark S Bilk mark at cosmicpenguin.com
Sun Feb 1 23:09:58 PST 2009

I'm going to buy a portable MP3 player with 4 or 8 GB of 
flash memory, and would like to be able to load the files 
into it from Linux (currently OpenSuSE 10.3).  The player
I have in mind is the Mach Speed Genesis-8GB, since 
it's on sale at Fry's, and has good features for the price.
I'm seeking help with the following questions:

Do most or all portable MP3 players look like USB 
memory sticks to the computer they're plugged into?

Can they be loaded with files from Linux?

Has anyone been able to load the Mach Speed 
Genesis-8GB specifically?  (Below are links to pages 
giving some of its specs.)

I guess I could host Window 98 using some VM system, 
but that seems like a lot of work to perform a single task.




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