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On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 11:42:53AM -0800, Rick Moen wrote:
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> Quoting sait8so (sait8so at yahoo.com):
> > Rick, you do NOT have my permission to publicly post any email I sent you.
> Please note that I carefully omitted 
> [RM: snip reference to a part of the offlist discussion that I did not post]
> Now, for the rest:
> Over the years, I got really, really, _really_ tired of people sending
> me private-mail inquiries about Linux questions, even though I kept
> saying, over and over, "You need to be asking this on the public forums,
> because that's how the community works, and otherwise you're just trying to 
> get free-of-charge private consulting."  I kept repeating that for a
> decade or so, and got tired of people ignoring it.
> So, these days, when user group people send me in private mail stuff
> that _ought_ to be on the public forums, and where they have every reason
> to understand that, _and_ where there's nothing legitimately private
> being talked about, I post it for the public's benefit.
> > You never asked for that permission and I never gave it to you.
> The hell with that, Arnold.
> I'm a busy guy.  You have absolutely no business seeking private help,
> just because I generously offer it publicly to user groups.

Um - ARREST me ...


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