[conspire] corrected to HP LaserJet4M Plus Re: HP LaserJet4 - CUPS lists printer twice

Ruben Safir ruben at mrbrklyn.com
Sat Aug 29 22:48:08 PDT 2009

On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 10:29:18PM -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Ruben Safir (ruben at mrbrklyn.com):
> > It used to be at NYU when I was trying to keep track of 400 devices and
> > my crack tech support guys would decide on their own to give static IP
> > addresses to printers and MS boxes in the deans office.
> Oh, I've lived the headache of dimwits badly handling IP assignments.
> (Don't get me started.)  However, that doesn't change the fact that
> competently assigning static IPs to network-service-providing hosts --
> which includes printers -- reduces hassles on balance by decomplicating
> your network and reducing the number of failure modes to worry about
> (as cited upthread).  Yes, you do need to keep track -- though there are
> also not-difficult ways to find statically-assigned hosts you've
> forgotten about or aren't aware of.
> > I forgot about that.  
> Glad to help.  ;->
> I forgot to mention:  If you are using switches rather than hubs, the
> MAC addresses in any single machine's ARP cache will be limited to what
> the switch allows it to see.  Of course, if you're just trying to find
> out a single device's MAC, then a crossover[1] ethernet cable with _no_
> hub or switch does the trick.
> > Why is RARP dead?  
> Because DHCP obsoleted it.
> [1] In fact, with most machines' ethernet ports these days being
> autoswitching, a regular straight-through cable will be fine, too.
> However, personally, I like to keep an old hub around, specifically
> because it's too dumb and simple to cause problems when I'm doing
> network exploration and diagnosis.

I have all these old switches around and they are set to do no
firewalling and to allow all traffic, including broadcast.  What is
weird is that every once in a while, usually at an installfest, one of
them goes haywire and suddenly decides to block port 80 or some other
such stupidity.  I pull it out and throw another Synoptics spare in and
all is fine...and then a few months later if I put the old one back, it
works fine.  I should just replace them all with hubs.  I hate
switching.  JUST ROUTE and PASS THE PACKETS and get out of my way..

I'm gonna go crash...signing off from the east coast..

Happy Birthday Schmuel-Lieb Eliezar... and work tomorrow pushing


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