[conspire] (forw) Re: printer compatibility

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 13 11:07:06 PDT 2009

Quoting Jean Philippe Granchi (granchijp at gmail.com):

> Thank you Rick for you post,

You're welcome.  I owe you a small apology, though:

> I will try and retry since last February (trying to add a HP F4280) each  
> time I try to access the add features I have
> The printer input/editing facility is temporarily deactivated, please  
> try again later.
> (I have a login from Linux Foundation and I'm able to edit the wiki or  
> post to the forum)
> I guess I'm not very lucky.

No, you're more thorough than I am:  I investigated only to the point of
verifying that I saw an "Add it" control on
http://www.openprinting.org/printer_list.cgi after logging in.  I
inferred (incorrectly) that it worked, and that you'd merely missed the
need to login.  Sorry!

Selecting "Add it" indeed gets "The printer input/editing facility is
temporarily deactivated, please try again later."

As I was saying, I've had some misgivings about site management.  You've
just added more to my misgivings.  

I couldn't have said precisely what my earlier misgivings concerned, but
part of it's lack of convenient ability to give feedback to site
maintainers.  I still feel that every page of a site should ideally have
a maintainer link.  Traditionally, that's been a mailto: link, which I
still favour -- though most sites have given up on account of the SMTP
spam problem.

I spent a few minutes looking through the News, Announcements, forum
postings, and a few FAQs, without seeing any explanation or status on
this problem.  That's not good.  If you have time, it'd be good if you
could post to the OpenPrinting Site Support forum
(http://forums.linux-foundation.org/list.php?34) and suggest they at
least have a "sticky" forum item documenting the problem's status until
it's fixed.  (For that matter, it'd be nice if the error message above
hyperlinked to that or a similar status page.)

I hope you won't mind my publicly posting this reply, to corret my

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