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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 15:29:31 PDT 2009

1st , filesystems 4 coexistance w evil empire : The ext2 tool for w98 works fine but complains about the ' non - standard ' nature of my ext3 partitions .  [ i suspect the filters will insert a ? when they see 2 spaces in a row , just like the standard indicator for really a period and not part of an abbrev. convention .  ]

2nd , I will try to bring my 64x2 box that serves as an untangle gateway iff someone tells me they wanna try to get useful cache services working on it .  

3rd , Does someone have a redundant DSL. modem ?  Our service was not restorable by switching DSL. modems for hours today but got better after my shower .  Suspect both current modems suffer from limited ability to stay connected .  And I suspect an outside problem as well .  

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