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Shallow end of the gene pool.

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i dont understand what you are asking me to do. 
i downloaded bitpim
started it, and it won't detect my phone. 
is there a certain setting it should be on?

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Karah Johnson <johnson_karah at yahoo.com> wrote:

> when i plug in my phone and open up bitpim
> it says that it doens't recognize it. 
> i have the lg vu. 
> and the model isn't on their. 
> and other users online said to use the model number lg-vx8700

I've now seen enough misdirected help requests from BitPim users that, 
at least, I now know what BitPim _is_ and why strangers occasionally ask
me about it.

You were on http://www.bitpim.org/#contacts .  You followed this link:

  Help, Support, Contacts and Mailing Lists

  Before posting anywhere, please take the time to read this article on
  "How to ask questions the smart way" [link]  (Note they do NOT provide 
  support, just guidelines on how to ask questions/get support and get 
  the best responses).

You didn't heed the second sentence, followed the link to "How to Ask
Questions the Smart Way" (which has nothing specifically to do with
BitPim, just as *I* have nothing to do with it), and lobbed your help 
request directly to me, co-author of "How to Ask Questions the Smart

You need to go back to http://www.bitpim.org/#contacts and try again.

Some day, you also might want to read my essay.

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