[conspire] problems connecting to internet

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Nov 18 21:15:11 PST 2008

Quoting hirohama at gmail.com (hirohama at gmail.com):

> [published within the last day... first seen about 15 hours ago on the
> SBM internal discussion mailing list.]

Guys?  There are no actual topicality rules for this mailing list (and,
accordingly, I'm not speaking as listadmin, here), and we tolerate
damned well anything that the regulars see fit to inflict on^W^W share
with the mailing list.  And we are interested in Darlene's current
adventure specifically because she _is_ a regular, here, even though her
venting^W textual exposition often doesn't have a lot to do with this
mailing list's raison d'etre.  However....

It would be nice if you would eventually / occasionally remember that
this is a Linux user group mailing list, not the flippin' Reuters

On a personal note, I'd really appreciate it if you (and everyone else)
would please put whatever passes for a real, human-type name into your
e-mail client's name field(s) -- so that I can have some idea whom I'm
speaking with.  At the moment, all I know is that I'm talking to
"hirohama at gmail.com", whoever that is.  So, please:

1.  Tell us who you are, and
2.  Fix your e-mail client config.

Thank you.

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