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one thing if forgot to mention is, if you do place the router on the
same subnet, be sure to assign its ip to something other than the
present gateway (i'm guessing its, e.g. use for
it, and then configure its dhcp server to assign as the
default gw to clients.


So wrote Edmund J. Biow on Wednesday, 28 May 2008:
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> Subject: [conspire] Routing question
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> On my little home LAN I have a wired router for my desktop machines on
> a specific sub-net (its address is or some such) and I
> also have a wireless router that plugs in the the LAN, but has a
> different sub-net (let's say is the wireless router's
> address, for the sake of argument).
> When my laptop accesses the internet using the wireless router I can
> still access my little Debian C2 server on the 192.168.1.x subnet when
> I use opensuse 10.2 & Windows XP (when it doesn't bluescreen on me,
> that is), but to get Xubuntu Edgy or Sidux mount my samba shares over
> on my wired subnet I have to first use the following command
> # route add  -net gw
> I gleaned that command when looking over this page:
> http://mydebian.blogdns.org/?cat=38
> I suppose I could remove my wired router and put everything on the
> wireless subnet, but I don't use wireless very often and don't leave
> the wireless router running all the time, since I figure constantly
> advertising an essid makes my LAN somewhat less secure, even with MAC
> address filtering.
> Anywho, it is annoying to have to start a root terminal session and
> issue that command every time I switch to a wireless connection and
> still want to access my collection of edifying fine art downloaded
> from alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bestiality.hamster.duct-tape.
> Anyone have a suggestion for how I can permanently add my main subnet
> to my laptop's routing table?
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