[conspire] web page "talkback" software?

Eric De MUND ead-conspire at ixian.com
Sun May 11 20:26:51 PDT 2008


What are folks using to put "talkback" functionality on their web pages?
I'm thinking I'd like to implement this kind of thing on my web page:

    Chess in the San Francisco Bay Area

, which is currently just a static web page. One clean looking example
of what I have in mind can be found on Andreas's web page:

    Silicon Valley Late Night Restaurants

On that page, which is a list of late night eateries, folks can read
comments left by other visitors, and very easily leave their own com-
ments. I also like that logins are not required of his contributors.

However, if a good package came along that required email confirmation,
I could live with that. In that case, I'd simply add a little link ex-
plaining that the software required it, and that I didn't care if they
used a throwaway email address such as those handed out by <http://10


p.s. I'm not a web guy and don't know half of the latest web terminolo-
gy. Please do educate me if there's a proper term for the kind of soft-
ware I'm looking for.
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