[conspire] [NYTimes] Comcast to Stop Hampering File-Sharing

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As seen in today's (Thursday, 2008-03-27) NYTimes; four paragraphs
excerpted and forwarded FYI.

Comcast to Stop Hampering File-Sharing
Published: March 27, 2008

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Comcast Corp., an Internet service provider under
investigation for hampering online file-sharing by its subscribers,
announced Thursday an about-face in its stance and said it will treat
all types of Internet traffic equally.


Comcast has said that its practices were necessary to keep file-sharing
traffic from overwhelming local cable lines, where neighbors share capa-
city with one another. On Thursday, Comcast said that by the end of the
year, it will move to a system that manages capacity without favoring
one type of traffic over another.


The company initially veiled its traffic-management system in secrecy,
saying openness would allow users to circumvent it. But on Thursday,
Werner said the company would ''publish'' the new technique and take
into account feedback from the Internet community.


Comcast now says it is in talks with BitTorrent Inc., the company found-
ed by the creator of the protocol, to come up with better ways to trans-
port large files over the Internet. The companies said they want to work
out these issues privately, without the need for government intervention.


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