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George Pope gpope at pcmagic.net
Tue Mar 4 00:18:11 PST 2008

How many pc's can your school reasonably use? No promises. I believe 
that Saturday was our first mega installafest. Last Saturday we may have 
done 400 in San Mateo and maybe another 400 at the other 3 cities. I 
suspect that these numbers can be increased. Why don't you go to a 
nearby Linux meeting and or regular installafest and see what they are 
like and talk about your school's needs. http://linuxmafia.com/ lists 
SFBA events

I'll call.


Note to my linuxmafia brothers and sisters, All of Us Or None is a 
prisoner (incl ex) and their familie's support group.

> Judy Greenspan wrote:
Dear George,
> I teach at a Title I elementary school in Richmond (Wilson Elementary) 
> and I understand that you might have leads on computers. I have many 
> students who would love to have computer access both at home and at 
> school. Perhaps we could talk about what is possible.
> I can be reached either by email or by phone (510) 813-4687. Since I 
> am teaching (3rd grade) during the day, my phone access is best after 
> 3:30 p.m. (Got your information from the All of Us Or None listserve). 
> Thanks,
> Judy Greenspan

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