[conspire] Thoughts on Berkeley BSD GNU/Linux Installfest

K Sandoval indigo.kai at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 05:23:26 PDT 2008

I wanted to jump in here and thank Rick for his analysis of the
"Berkeley BSD GNU/Linux Installfest, Talks, & Potluck" invitation.

When I first saw the venue and itinerary I thought WOW! For such a
jam-packed meeting would be worth the price of gas to drive from San
Jose to Berkeley.

There are 3 PARALLEL TRACKS of events:

1) INSTALLFEST  Bring your computer & install BSD or GNU/Linux software.
2) TALKS        Talks by various speakers
3) POTLUCK      Bring $4 of food to share: eat, conversation

For this meeting, we have no planned talks.  Instead, we have the
following time slots reserved specifically for OPEN DISCUSSION about
these TOPICS:

12N     DISTRIBUTIONS - BSD's, Ubuntu Debian RH Suse etc
        LISP, FORTRAN, COBOL, MSQL, etc.
3P      BAD - Bay Area Debian MEETING. http://bad.debian.net
4P      GUIs - KDE, GNOME.
        USER APPLICATIONS - Word Proc, Web Browser, Video, Audio
5P      ORGANIZING future meetings,
          HOWTO: ETHICAL SPAMMING - ie how to announce to LUGs, e

In regards to SVLUG meetings, I did make the mistake of thinking that
this was a EBLUG / SVLUG co-sponsored meeting meaning Andrew and Bruce
would the two people ultimately responsible for this meeting.

After experiencing the amazing turn-out during the install-fest for
schools, I kind of expect events recommended by Andrew Fife to be very

However after reading Rick's analysis, I realized that this meeting
was probably not what it appeared to be (to me).  Gas is not cheap,
and I am not bringing in any income at the moment. So I can not afford
to waste GAS and funds on some meeting that might or might not happen.
That being said I am GLAD I decided against driving all that distance
for an unconfirmed install-fest. And I am REALLY GLAD I didn't offer
to carpool either.

- Kai

p.s. In regards to Rick's wording and method of communicating, I find
his emails clear, to the point, and very logical and well thought out.
 No riff-raff and no tap dancing around the issues. Sometimes critical
input can sound harsh.  However it has been my experience that the key
is to be willing to be open to constructive criticism.  When I have
been willing to ask for suggestions/input and ask for various points
of view then Rick and other members of the CABAL and SVLUG community
have been very polite in explaining their positions and why.  This is
what I really appreciate.  I appreciate being given
ideas/suggestions/opinions to consider and mull over for myself.
Sometimes I listen and follow advice, and sometimes I don't.  But it
is nice having the information to think about before make a decision
or taking definitive action.

Ciao Everyone,

p.s.  I have more spring rolls for this Saturday, TADA!

Oh Rick if it is going to be HOT this weekend, do you think it would
be a good idea to grab a bag of ice from the store on my way up?  I am
sure cool drinks would be appreciated.  I can bring along a mid-sized
cooler too if needed.

Ms.Kai Sandoval


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