[conspire] New Ubuntu Hardy Heron, version 8.04.1

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Jul 9 04:11:23 PDT 2008

David Fox:
> I'm currently on 8.04 (although there've been a large number of
> updates in the recent weeks, very little now) and it's been working
> just fine with my new hardware - ubuntu 8.04 installed, but with extra
> stuff including a fairly recent 4.1 beta KDE desktop (looks nice), new
> amarok (still has issues), etc.

I'm willing to bet that you are now on 8.04.1 and didn't even realize
it!  Take a look at /etc/lsb-release on your system.  Here's mine:


8.04.1 is still Hardy, so tracking hardy will get you the new point

The interesting thing is that now direct upgrades from Dapper are
advertised and supported, so you can just "sudo do-release-upgrade" on
your Dapper servers, and Dapper desktop upgrades will go straight to
Hardy instead of going to the now-unsupported Edgy release.

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