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Quoting Brian Chrisman (brian at permitsoft.com):

> I don't know what they were offering him before the trial, but 
> probably it was less than 2nd degree murder?  

I heard it alleged that he was offered voluntary manslaughter, back when
the police started leaning on him, but before he was arrested and

Latest from Henry K. Lee at 

  Hans Reiser Trial: July 8, 2008

  The body found in a grave on a steep hillside is indeed that of Nina
  Reiser, police said today at a news conference. She was identified
  through dental records, clothing and jewelry, authorities said.

  At the news conference, prosecutor Paul Hora confirmed that Hans Reiser
  led police to the body as part of a deal in which he would plead guilty
  to second-degree murder and receive a sentence of 15 years to life in
  prison, instead of 25 years to life for first-degree murder. Under the
  deal, Hans would waive his right to appeal, the prosecutor said.

  Hora said the details still have to be worked out but indicated that the
  deal was made with the approval of Nina Reiser's family and with Judge
  Larry Goodman's knowledge. Goodman, in fact, signed the paperwork that
  allowed investigators to spring Reiser from Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on
  Monday so that he could lead investigators to Nina's body.

  Hora said if Hans fulfills all his obligations, the deal would likely be
  approved. We pressed him on what those obligations were, but Hora
  declined to comment. Sources, however, have told The Chronicle that as
  part of any deal, Hans would have to say exactly what happened. Sources
  have said Hans acknowledged that he and Nina fought and that he
  strangled her.

  Hans won't be sentenced Wednesday but the parties may still appear
  before Goodman to discuss the next steps.

David Kravets's coverage at
http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/07/cops-judge-agre.html confirms
that Judge Goodman has (provisionally?) accepted the deal.  It sounds
like a final deal will have to await forensic evidence, e.g., looking
for any signs of premeditation.

If that goes through (and no date's been set), then Reiser would be
locked away until his initial parole eligibility in 2021.

My heart goes out to Niorlene, Rory, the Sharanovas, and Nina's friends
-- but at least they now know for certain what happened to her.

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