[conspire] Follow-up from Lorne to Cabal June 14 or so.

Lorne S lornes at pacbell.net
Mon Jul 7 07:34:40 PDT 2008

Just for identification Christine and  and I arrived terribly late to June 14 Cabal with my dusty  Toshiba Tecra 9100 and  a freshly bought 120 gig hard drive  and Christian with Rick and others installed the drive and determined it worked but the cd-rom would not respond.  Christian worked on booting it off a boot server for a couple of hours, then we had to leave.

So I bought a nice tiny aluminum external 2.5 inch drive case next day at central computer but held off on the external CD ROM and tested it on my work laptop with the old hard drive I had removed from same laptop and it was fine, but I could not get the Toshiba to boot off the external USB device nor get into the BIOS - F2 gave me a nice menu including USB "floppy" but it did not actually use the USB after i selected that option. I was going through a docking station and I think that may be a problem 

So I bought a tecra CD DVD drive for maybe too much ($28) on Ebay and it worked fine first time with a Ubuntu 7.1  CD I got a LUGradiolive and I am right now running off the CD boot OS but I am going to go ahead and install Ubuntu 7.1 off that disk because i am tired of using my work laptop.

But I will be at a CABAL either next one or the 3rd one from now after studing the linuxmafia knowledgebase  looking to develop some OS and software installing skill and for advice on which Linux to install on this laptop long term and a couple of other used laptops /andor desktops I am putting together for friends and relatives. The relative in Asia wants Windows on a laptop so I wonder if the virtualization deal where one installs  XP or other Windows  (from a real CD the first time), within Linux is worth it for such a minimal use.

Thank you all very much.

Lorne Salter 

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