[conspire] Preparing dual-boot system

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Wed Jan 30 08:59:42 PST 2008

On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 07:23:23 -0800, hirohama wrote:

> Status report:
> Larger disk appears to function fine. I'm not sure about the smaller
> one. I got a new CM power supply (500W) that ought to rule out power
> problems. I'll test the smaller drive when the power supply is
> installed.
> Can anyone help with this request?
>  http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/wan/555384203.html
> Thanks for your help!

Since it was the larger disk that kept failing to take a filesystem, and
it appears fine with good power, I would expect things to work now. You
were not previously clear that you were interested in installing TWO
separate systems, one Debian and one for a novice, hence my previous
puzzlement over the choice of Debian for a novice. The next local
installfest of any kind is apparently this Saturday, albeit by Santa Cruz:
Are you looking for something sooner than that?

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