[conspire] cable modem recommendations?

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Mon Jan 28 01:51:59 PST 2008


Searched the linuxmafia.com kb, but found nothing relevant. Does anyone
have any cable modem recommendations? I'm looking for one that works
well and that secondarily might allow me to poke under its hood a la the
book "Hacking the Cable Modem":

    Hacking the Cable Modem

My Motorola SB4200 SURFboard Cable Modem may be on the blink, as in the
past 2 weeks I've repeatedly found myself disconnected (with both Online
and Activity LEDs dark) for periods ranging from 1 to 30 minutes. And so
I believe it's time to lay in a spare device.

If it matters, this cable modem will be connected to my V2.2
Linksys WRT54G router running firmware DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) std
(SVN revision 3932).

"I have found through trial and error that I work best under duress. In
fact I work only under duress." --Edward Abbey

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