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Wed Jan 23 11:25:50 PST 2008

Thanks for your insights, Rick. Following this case is considerable
work, so, likewise, thanks for your comments... and the reminders on
good english, too, even!

> > Although, Reiser3 is an outstanding filesystem, Reiser4 is better,
> > again. The adoption of Reiser4, is actively resisted by Red Hat and
> > associates. Their resistance, is taken to absurd levels.

This seems to me quite absurd.  Should we all stop driving VW's
because they were originally made by Germans during the period that
Hitler was running the show when the company first started operating
(AFAIK; this is just an example)?

> > Hans pleads not guilty to civil contempt, his attorney saying the
> > contempt claim "is not only inappropriate and unfair but underhanded
> > and deceitful." Trial is scheduled for Wed 2006-10-11, but Reiser
> > seems to have been found guilty, without the need for this trial
> > (which never eventuates).
> I have never seen any indication that Hans was "found guilty" in the
> civil contempt action.  Also, that is simply not possible without a
> trial.  I believe the trial has simply been dropped from the court
> calendar, for now.  It's anyone's guess whether the County will
> eventually seek to reschedule it.

Having an outstanding trial like this one hanging over him, AND the
Superior Court murder trial hanging over him, both as "unknowns", it's
unlikely Hans would find any relief/support in front of the Family
Courts or any others disposed to handle international matters, were he
to have his counsel take that route.

> Um, I've rented U-Haul trucks in a couple of sizes, and I cannot see how
> you could get even a CRX into and out of one.

I've had vehicles transported inside trucks before; they can indeed
fit... but not into your typical U-haul, without first perching it
atop the two aluminum wheel-wells.  IMHO, This would be something the
average human male would be hard-pressed to accomplish, even with a
firm grasp of physics and leverage and such, and even with the
availability of ramps and such... unless the ground clearance on the
CRX was like, 14 inches or more (i.e. the suspension had been lifted)
which I don't think was the case.

> > Rory's Testimony: "My dad told us not to come into the kitchen" and
> > "Mom told me to go downstairs."
> > Probable-cause affadavit: Reiser said "not to come back upstairs, not
> > even to the kitchen area."
> > Press fabrication: Reiser told his son to go downstairs and "not to come
> > back upstairs, not even to the kitchen area."
> _Really_ good catch.

Clarity rocks.  Sometime small details like the above make all the
difference in the world;
for example, when the glove's just too small to fit on someone's hand...

> > In Russia, children do not call their parents by their first names.
> Perhaps you mean "call", rather than "do not call".

It'd be great to clear this up; which is really the case?

> No, the judge is not being disingenuous.  The judge is accurately
> stating that he has no jurisdiction in Family Court or international
> matters.  He's a trial judge in Superior Court's criminal division.
> It's natural, and even heartbreaking, for Hans to attempt to plead with
> that judge to intervene in matters affecting his son's imminent
> vanishment to a hostile jurisdiction halfway around the world -- because
> Judge Goodman was the judge sitting in front of him.

For the most part, judges DO have the ability to be lenient and to
assist those in front of them in doing things properly.  When judges
decide not to provide those individuals with means of accomplishing
what they have the RIGHT to accomplish (being innocent until proven
guilty) they're doing a general disservice to society.  Whether that's
OK or not by law is irrelevant to the point that it's a disservice to
all involved.  At some level, the U.S. legal system (hopefully) still
does indeed have to be responsible to society for what it does and
doesn't do... and for these sorts of cases, it does far too little on
a regular basis.

> (The appropriate course of action would have been for Hans to send an
> attorney to represent his interests in Family Court, and to file
> appropriate motions to attempt to prevent Rory from being spirited out
> of the country again.)

I'm sure that if it was that simple, they'd have gone that route.  As
I alluded to above, having an undecided case hanging over one is
likely to make that approach unworkable as a strategy.

Thanks again for the ongoing updates on the Reiser trial.

Best regards,
-Paul http://Reiber.org

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