[conspire] VISTA , maybe even the EVIL buntu on new laptop

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 16:03:46 PST 2008

occasionally its nice to have a recent ms os available to view something from the "don't have to pass a test 2b average" population. So, Does anyone know an easy way to multi-boot and co-exist w vista? With 160 and 2g on this 
64x2 laptop I should squeeze in 9 os'es , If I wanna go tight. I'll probably discover unsupported hardware if i load a buntu, just like the folks who got ubuntu preloads on their acers . So far vista didn't wipe its own partition, thus looks more reliable than the buntu crowd was. MEPIS 7.0 and PCLinuxOS still work great, except [ctrl][alt]+ on PCLinuxOS.

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