[conspire] Ubuntu Unable to process updates

K Sandoval indigo.kai at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 19:25:02 PST 2008


sudo apt-get update  LOOKS like it WORKED!!!

that was so COOL!  ahhhhhhhhh  Thank you Rick, it is so nice to be
back in "" LinuxLand "".

For those of you who dont know, Monday morning I took a train down to
Paso Robles to help my Uncle with his XP system.
I know, I know but what could I do he is my uncle so I had to help him
out this one time.

Well...It took me 2 1/2 days (aka 28 hours) and all kinds of research
on the net to get his system re-installed, all the drivers located and
loaded, download all the security updates from 2002 through 2008,
locate and install all his little custom programs, restore most of his
files and get his PC back to the point where it was on January 1st
then take an image of the C: drive and place it on the D: drive.

I took that image just incase (and knowing my uncle that just-in-case
will occur within the next 3 to 6 months). Then I let my uncle know he
needs to be MORE CAREFUL and to stop downloading every and any piece
of freeway he thinks "looks neat".
And it took me every single second of that 28 hours to restore that
system ( XP bah! humbug!!!)

I encouraged my uncle to switch over to Ubuntu Linux or else he is
just going to have to invest in a NEW Computer and VISTA.  He didn't
like the idea of having to invest in yet another computer. Yes I
actually said this to him every single time he asked me what I was
"searching for now" on the internet?!?  (Which was about 20 or 30
times!) Investing in another computer is what he did when he upgraded
off Microsoft 95/98 and onto XP.

I am sure some of you know just how hard it can be to restore an OLDER
XP system and what obsticals are normally encountered when you have
little to no original documentation/CD's/Drivers and the system is 5
to 6 years old.

The good news appears to be that after my uncle saw all of this hard
work, I think he is actually considering looking into Linux. And
hopefully he will be more careful about what he downloads too!

In conclusion, as I was stepping off the train when I arrived back in
San Jose, I stopped and reflected a moment.

I am SO GLAD my own systems are now running Linux and not XP!!!

Thanks for your  assistance Rick, that was so COOL!

- Kai

Ms.Kai Sandoval


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