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I drove a '66 Corvair Convertible junker in high school and it had holes 
in the floorboards, so this made sense to me.

Well cars used to have holes in the floor (ages ago) and I thought Han's 
response was logical.  Whether or not he actually killed Nina we may never know 
but certainly I don't think they had enough evidence to convict him beyond a 
reasonable doubt.  I thought the most telling evidence reported by Rick was the 
little boy's initial testimony that he saw his mother leave.  Of course after 
the grandmother and everyone worked him over his testimony became conflicting, 
nevertheless, I put a lot of credbility in anyone's initial response 
especially a small boy's.  Generally I don't accept testimony from children because 
they can be manipulated and perhpas this boy was, but his initial response seemed 
credible and we are talking about a man's life here so I would put this in 
the reasonable doubt category.
I thought Rick's summaries were objective or as objective as any reporter's.  
I wasn't there to hear the testimony or see the body language so my judgement 
is based exclusively on what Rick has reported and leads me to believe they 
didn't have enough solid evidence to convict but Hans just wasn't likeable.

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