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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Apr 29 02:27:03 PDT 2008

Rick Moen:
> That's possible, but doesn't strike me as making people sense:  Cosper
> and Arruda might have a bug up their asses about you, but the EVALS
> mailing list remains solely administered by Marc Merlin, who to the
> best of my recollection has nothing particularly against you at all,
> and in my estimation doesn't do other people's dirty work.

The only reason that you don't usually detect Marc's feelings about me
is that he has had me in his killfile for the better part of a decade,
now.  Occasionally you'll see him mention this fact in public:

	http://mid.gmane.org/20071026163435.GP18159@merlins.org [1] [2]

I suspect that I only bother him when he sees other people reply to my
mails, which happened in relatively high frequency over a short period
of time during that thread.

As for whether he has something *particular* against me, I've never been
informed of much beyond the point when I had the VA admins print me out
a physical copy of my OTP list rather than issue me new hardware
specifically for calculation.  That struck me as a debate on which
reasonable people can disagree (the safety of a physical list of
passwords vs a palm pilot running unknowable proprietary software that
can be compromised during sync operations with Internet-connected hosts)
and not the sort of thing that you'd think would engender a
long-standing grudge.  I'm either missing large amounts of context on
Marc's side, or this is about something else.

> FYI, I was dropped off Pigdog when Baron Earl moved it from sonic.net
> near the end of last year, but assume that was mishap rather than
> malice.  (He also seems to have not carried forward the prior
> back-messages archive, which is too bad.)

That conclusion I can back up, as Baron has a similarly obscure grudge
against me but managed to restore my list membership almost immediately.

We're still waiting for Richard Reinholdt to apologize:

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1: For what it's worth, my reply in that thread:
2: Consider also this sage advice:

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