[conspire] Four items that miss their owners

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Apr 20 19:13:36 PDT 2008

Left behind during past CABAL meetings (except for the tool case, which
was left at the installfest for schools in San Mateo):

One tan jacket, with hood in a zipped compartment in the collar,
"Pacific Trail" brand, XXL.  There's a metal button pinned to the left
lapel, proclaiming:


(This construction's grammar is subject to some degree of doubt.)  I
would hazard a guess that the jacket and button belong to Mr. Edward
Mokurai Cherlin, though I could be wrong.

One IBM-brand soft-vinyl CD/DVD case, capacity about 20 discs.  Included
are discs labelled OLPC Live CD, Levanta Rescue CD (collector's item!),
OVC, Sinhala Linux, Oralux, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Linux, NetBSD 1.6.1, OpenBSD
Install, OpenVista V2.5.1, CrossOver Office, Linux for the Poor (disc
also says "Ed Cherlin" on it), Simputer SDK, Cache Zip, and DSLinux.
The box also has a 2"x3" placard with large friendly letters saying
"Don't Panic".

I would speculate with a hight degree of confidence that this case also
belongs to Mr. Edward Mokurai Cherlin.

One "ReTrak"-brand soft-vinyl case, black, zippered, with a number of
Emerge Technologies-brand retractable connectors, in indentations
inside.  (One such indentation is empty.)  A label on the case's
exterior says "BRUCE COSTON", from which I infer that it might belong to
Mr. Bruce Coston.

One black 6"x8" soft-vinyl case, no brand name, zippered, containing an
assortment of grey-handled small tools (screwdrivers, Torx,
nut-drivers), plus steel tweezers, a cylindrical tube containing spare
machine screws, and a DIP-chip extractor tool.  

I am holding these on my back porch, for now.  I advise pickup at the
next CABAL meeting -- or earlier by arrangement.

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