[conspire] Ubuntu won't *report* updates while under any other user than administrator

jose tav josetav at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 7 14:02:53 PDT 2007

Hi Folks!
this other user account I use has about the same privileges as the 
Q. why is that Ubuntu's updates won't report on another user than the 
administrator one?,
I just found out I could try the *update manager* while not an administrator 
user, since I just updated while in administrator, I can't do now, but still 
remains the *report* issue.
Anybody had this problem and how he/she fixed it?
I can login into my att-wireless account but the next page is never 
displayed, the company's customer support guy suggested to check my browser 
for updates that they have implemented the latest security upgrades. I did 
not have this problem before.
Any suggestions?

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