[conspire] he.net woes --> seeking ISP recommendations

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Oct 31 02:00:56 PDT 2007

Nick Moffitt:
> Linode has upgraded its plans several times since then.  

And, I should point out, passed the upgrades on to existing users.  I
have the largest plan in the set, which started out as a 256MB model.
It's been upgraded each time caker upgraded the plans, and now it's a
1200MB plan.  People who signed up for the 64MB model in 2004 would
today have 300MB (more than the largest plan available when they signed

The addition of RAM is automatic upon reboot, and there is an interface
for resizing your filesystems up to fill your new partition space.  This
is an unmanaged service, so you do have to do your *own* backups, but
the resize process is an increase (which is safer) and does all the
appropriate fsck steps one would do manually.

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