[conspire] possible new and functional unstuffit for linux

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Fri Oct 12 19:07:57 PDT 2007

Rick, All,

There may be a modern version of unstuff(1) for linux, necessitating an
update of your "StuffIt Archives" page.

I had need to UnStuffIt a .sit archive on my Debian 4.0 system the other
day, and went in search of a linux version. I was coming up empty, and
even came across your article at:

    StuffIt Archives

    Short version: If you want to open a StuffIt (.sit) archive on
    Linux, you're out of luck, because none of the tools can deal with
    recent StuffIt compression methods.

However, the unstuff(1) I came across here (skip the entry of all
demographics in STEP 1 and in STEP 2 simply select the "English (Linux)"
choice and click the "[ Proceed to Download Now ]" button):


Or just download either of these files directly:


did the trick just fine. Nothing needs to be "installed", and the
executables appear to be from June 2001. Not having a working Macintosh
version of StuffIt, and also not being up on StuffIt's compression
methods, I can't speak to whether or not this version "can deal with
recent StuffIt compression methods".

But it sure does seem like it can. If anyone sends me a Macintosh .sit
file created with StuffIt version 11 or 12, I will happily test this
linux unstuff(1) on it.

Info forwarded FYI,
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