[conspire] CABAL tomorrow

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Nov 9 11:12:21 PST 2007

Is it going to rain tomorrow, or not?  The National Weather Service,
that paragon of prognostication, says there's a 50% chance.  Either it
will or it won't.  Thanks, guys!

It'll be brooding weather, anyway.  In the event that it doesn't rain,
or rains but then stops, we have the outdoor heater to keep things dry
and warm.  If not, indoors.

Free to a good^W home:  One queen-sized futon, newly replaced because
it's a bit old and worn.  Plan A is for me to drive it to the Half Moon
Bay dump, soon, but it occurs to me that someone might need one.  Send
me e-mail immediately, if you want to pick it up!

Offerings at CABAL will include Fedora 8, released yesterday.

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