[conspire] he.net woes --> seeking ISP recommendations

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Sat Nov 3 04:01:56 PDT 2007

Rick, Nick,

Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>:
] Some market research I did two years back, when SF-LUG was kicking
] tires on the virthosting subject (and eventually decided _not_ to go
] that way):
] Linode http://www.linode.com/ $19.95/month gets you 80M RAM, 3GB disk,
]     50GB xfer
] Trenden http://www.trenden.net/ $15/month gets you 64M RAM, 3GB disk,
]     75GB xfer
] unixshell# http://www.unixshell.com/ $15/month gets you 64M RAM, 6GB
]     disk, 64GB xfer
] Xen Hosting http://www.xenhosting.com/ 
] Rimuhosting http://rimuhosting.com/ $20/month gets you 96M RAM, 4GB
]     disk, 30GB xfer
] Tummy http://www.tummy.com/Hosting/Virtual/ $25/month, 50M RAM 1.5G
]     disk, 5GB xfer

Nick Moffitt <nick at zork.net>:
] Linode has upgraded its plans several times since then.  
] http://www.linode.com/products/linodes.cfm lists the $19.95 plan as
] 300MB RAM, 10GiB disk, and 200GB/mo transfer. The bandwidth is not a
] hard limit, but you will pay overage on any month you exceed it.
] And, I should point out, passed the upgrades on to existing users. I
] have the largest plan in the set, which started out as a 256MB model.
] It's been upgraded each time caker upgraded the plans, and now it's a
] 1200MB plan. People who signed up for the 64MB model in 2004 would
] today have 300MB (more than the largest plan available when they
] signed on).
] The addition of RAM is automatic upon reboot, and there is an in-
] terface for resizing your filesystems up to fill your new partition
] space. This is an unmanaged service, so you do have to do your *own*
] backups, but the resize process is an increase (which is safer) and
] does all the appropriate fsck steps one would do manually.

Thank you a million or these pointers and this detailed testimonial. I
really appreciate it. I've begun looking into linode; they're my #1
choice at this point. I'll probably register a second domain and host
that for a month or three at linode so that I'm not messing up email to
ixian.com if (when?) "the wheels come off" while I'm learning the ins
and outs of e.g. exim4.

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