[conspire] More fallout from the 365 Main power outage: How not to do DNS

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Quoting The Compulsive Splicer (splicer at paroxysm.com):

> Anyone explain this in short declarative sentences that I can understand?

A bunch of companies can't be bothered to figure out how to avoid
obvious single points of failure in their DNS administration.

   $dig -t ns tourcorp.com +short
   $dig ns1.primarydns.com +short
   $dig ns2.primarydns.com +short

   $dig -t ns mapwest.com +short

   $dig -t ns sfelectrictour.com +short

Bonehead error.

> yet our DNS provider (and 14 other ISPs I've tried) resolves our names
> just fine.

Cached data.

One wonders if these the same people who run Six Apart (parent of Live 
Journal), or if this is merely an instance of parallel devolution.

   $dig ns1.sixapart.com +short
   $dig ns2.sixapart.com +short

   $dig -t ns livejournal.com +short

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