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On 7/10/07, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Hector Chow (tristan2k at yahoo.com):
> > Hi guys,
> > I am interested in getting myself a linux pc setup and have you guys
> > help me install the Linux distribution.  What do you guys recommend
> > if I want to spend about $300-400 for a box. For example, what
> > components are recommended: suggested video card, soundcard, etc.  I
> > am thinking of installing either Debian or Ubuntu.
> Hector, you should consider coming to the CABAL weekend and ask some of
> our more seasoned hardware buyers,

I agree with what Rick said above.  In addition, you want to think about
what you want to do with your computer.  Please think of Microsoft Windows
as a massive Swiss Army Knife that is intended to do it all, and doesn't
really accomplish any one thing masterfully (at least IMHO.  I know lots of
people like Windows).  Think of Linux as Swiss Army Knife that you can make
do exactly what you want.  So the more tasks you want to throw at the box,
the more money you want to spend on hardware.  For example, do you want to
capture and edit video?  You can  do that with Linux, but you need to make
sure that you box is set up for that.

Do you want to just watch YouTube movies and email people and do basic
letter writing and spreadsheets and slideshow presentations?  That is much

At any rate, even for the later functions, I would recommend getting at
least 512 MB of memory.  It will substantially enhance your experience.

Also, if you are in San Francisco, and if you are willing to maybe help out
a wee bit here or there with a school that I am supporting with Free Open
Source Software, I can give you a basic computer.  It would allow you to do
basic emailing and spreadsheets and slideshows and word processing and watch
YouTube movies. You could play CDs with it and rip your CDs.  It would have
256 MB of RAM and would be about a 730 Mhz Pentium iii, which is plenty fast
for basic stuff.  I could also give you a monitor and keyboard and mouse.
You would need to buy your own speakers.

Christian Einfeldt
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