[conspire] Darwinppc -801.cdr.gz

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jan 5 03:36:23 PST 2007

Quoting Daniel Gimpelevich (daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us):

> The .cdr extension merely serves to emphasize that the image does not
> use the ISO 9660 filesystem, which K3b may very well expect.

That's possible, and I considered the possibility -- but it would be
just _so_ bizarre.  I mean, why should a CD-burning utility care about
the contents of an image file (or its name, either)?  That's not its

FWIW, according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_image, "On Mac OS X, 
ISO[-9660] images often have the .cdr extension."  (That is the
naming convention for ISO-9660 images produced by, for example, OS X's
Disk Utility app.)

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