[conspire] concatenating web pages?

Bill Ward bill at wards.net
Mon Jan 1 11:18:34 PST 2007

Well in terms of the HTML that would not be valid HTML... there would
be multiple <html> and <head> and <body> tags.  but browsers are very
tolerant of that kind of thing.  The bigger concern would be
javascript or style sheet issues.  If you run into those, then
creating a container web page that had <iframe> tags could possibly
get around the issue.  But for simple pages your trick will work a lot
of the time.

If all you want is the text, you could always use "lynx -dump" to
extract the text of the page...

On 12/31/06, Eric De Mund <ead-conspire at ixian.com> wrote:
> Gentlemen, Ladies,
> What tool are folks using to concatenate web pages together for viewing
> in one tab or page?
> On a lark, I took this text from my notebase:
>     /-----------------------------
>     o   Tisdall, Jonathan: Improve Your Chess Now
>         http://www.bestwebbuys.com/1857441567
>     o   Vukovic, Vladimir: Art of Attack in Chess
>         http://www.bestwebbuys.com/1857440536
>     o   Yermolinsky, Alex: The Road to Chess Improvement
>         http://www.bestwebbuys.com/1901983242
>     \-----------------------------
> , put it into a file named <in.txt> and issued the command:
>     % wget -i in.txt -O out.html
> All in an attempt to demonstrate to myself that this elementary school
> approach wouldn't work. Well, when I viewed <out.html> in a tab in
> Firefox, all three pages viewed as prettily as could be, one
> right below the other.
> My question is, if this hadn't worked, what solutions are you folks
> using for this sort of thing?
> Thanks,
> Eric
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