[conspire] branching/derivative conversation - need for one common announce list

Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre at deirdre.net
Sat Feb 24 18:06:45 PST 2007

On Feb 24, 2007, at 5:28 PM, Paul Reiber wrote:

> This is social engineering on a much grander scale.  It's clear to me
> that it'd be easier to give them one list they can post to that hits
> "everyone", than to convince them all to rework their mailinglists
> to conform to some contrived (albiet sensible) standard.

This however assumes an essential vanity: that everyone cares about  
that specific group.

Some people who never get to other Linux events come to CABAL  
precisely because it is on a weekend and because they'd like help  
installing stuff. It's not the same market as yet-another-weeknight- 
talk-thing-in-a-different-location. Nothing wrong with that, it's  
just different. So, to me, CABAL has always seemed fundamentally the  
wrong place to post YAWTTIADL announcements.

When I want to know what is going on in live theatre in the bay area,  
I hit the web page:

I don't belong to a single list and get spammed by the 343 other  
companies I *might* be interested in.

BALE provides this feature already, more or less.

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