[conspire] branching/derivative conversation - need for one common announce list

Steve Bibayoff bibayoff at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 15:13:15 PST 2007


On 2/24/07, Paul Reiber <reiber at gmail.com> wrote:

> Regardless of who hosts the list, the key is
> to get all/most of the linux groups around
> the bay area hooked onto it properly.
> Then the second key is to get all of their
> announcers, like Bill at PenLug, to start emailing
> that list rather than multiposting or crossposting
> or any other less graceful solution.

I hate to sound negative, but I believe if people wanted information
from another group, they would be subscribed to that group mailing
list already(at least to the announce list if they have one). I think
better energy would be spent making sure all of the various groups
have announce lists(and now-a-days RSS feeds) and are using them.
Personally, I hate receiving announcements for other groups on mailing
list I'm on. If I wanted that information, I would have subscribed to
their list. Sadly, when I use to bring this up after such
announcements, I was always accused of "flaming" someone unnecessary.
After a number of accusations like that, I have stopped.

As as side note, I believe a configurable meta-list would be USEFUL.
What I am talking about here, is a central list that receives all
meeting announcements, then is able to parse them before sending them
out to members. ie: Send me announcements of meetings being held
within 50 miles of my location that involve the subject matter MySQL.
Once you got here, there are all sorts of functionality that could be
useful and easily added: iCal, web calendering, date or day
bracketing, other geo areas, etc . There is an attempt to start(very
early planning stages) to code something like this in the SoCal area.



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