[conspire] Communications, a lack thereof

Ross Bernheim rossbernheim at speakeasy.net
Sun Dec 30 07:41:17 PST 2007

Thanks to AT&T, someone of their technicians disconnected my DSL line.  
Unfortunately, they did it overnight so that I did not have time to  
call my ISP to get things attended to until Tuesday evening. Much back  
and forth to make sure it wasn't at my end. Tried two different DSL  
modems on two different phone jacks and multiple reboots of the  
modems. Consistently no DSL light.

Tests from ISP show no joy. Call to Covad from ISP and an appointment  
is made for Thursday. I take off half a day of work to be sure to be  
home for them. No show. Call ISP. Seems Covad changed the day to  
Friday and didn't tell ISP. So I take off another half day of work.  
Still no
show. Call ISP and they check and seems Covad did not even need me to  
be home as the call was to go to the Central Office of ATT where they  
confirmed that the problem was AT&T having disconnected my DSL. So  
Friday late afternoon was too late to get AT&T to correct their

Lots of fun trying to get modem and dial up to work. Haven't used  
modem in a while and never used the modem in my Cheese Grater Mac Dual  
G5 box. Getting used to the Mac OS X 10.5 modem control and getting  
the right info from the ISP to get things working. Lots of fun and  
three phone calls to get the right information to get authentication  
to work.

So now I am reduced to modem speeds. Called ISP again this afternoon,  
(Monday), and Covad and AT&T have scheduled a joint visit to the CO  
for Friday. I complained that over a week with no DSL was a bit much  
for their screwup. So ISP escalated and they are now scheduled to get  
to it on Wednesday. Hopefully they will get it right this time!

Vent mode over.

Mele Kalikimaka e Haole Makahikiho


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