[conspire] conspire Digest, Vol 51, Issue 25

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Aug 29 13:17:23 PDT 2007

Daniel Gimpelevich:
> Nick Moffitt <nick <at> zork.net> writes:
> > Ubuntu does not draw from Debian Experimental, or at least not in
> > any way that would cause alarm.  This is a weird claim that the
> > MEPIS guy stated as fact without providing any evidence.  Ubuntu has
> > a six-month
> One would only need to check the following two websites on a regular
> basis to see that a majority of the innovations that have made Ubuntu
> great have existed in Debian only in the Experimental branch:

Does "innovations" mean "package version"?  Do you believe that all
packages in Ubuntu started as Debian packages?  Do you believe that
Ubuntu does no work on Debian packages, but merely recompiles Debian
Experimental packages?

A trip to the moon, a great achievement for the US, existed in the USSR
only on chalkboards and blueprints.  Does that mean that the US took its
moon missions from Soviet notebooks?

Ubuntu's development team works hard on packaging the latest GNOME
releases and making them work with the core system (likely at a time
when Debian would still be testing them slowly in Experimental).  

Also, I should point out the obvious counterexample in that upstart was
in Ubuntu before it was ever in Debian.  

> > The way that you seem to be saying "they draw from debian
> > experimental" implies that Ubuntu just sort of grabs
> > crack-of-the-day packages willy-nilly for core system functions.  In
> > fact, the core packages of
> Ironic that most RPM-based distros do the equivalent of exactly that,
> without a second thought.

What, they grab crack-of-the-day from Debian?  That's astonishing!

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