[conspire] OT freekenneth.com Urgent. Please help. Thanks.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Aug 28 02:26:15 PDT 2007

Quoting john_re (john_re at fastmail.us):

> IIRC, in our phone conversation, or the emails, you said you thought the
> original post was "well meaning, but inappropriate for the list".

So you remembered that I had told you explicitly, as "conspire"
listadmin, that your text was inappropriate for this or any other Linux
technical mailing list, but you posted it anyway.  Check.

> Also note: Doesn't say "technical" discussion forum.

Also doesn't say not to post Nigerian business frauds.

Consider your series of goofball arguments briefly mocked and summarily
rejected.  Enjoy the rationalisation stage required following all
screw-ups, as I'm sure that is a right enshrined in the California
constitution, but then don't do it again.

> Err, but you've already posted a rule for off topic behavior re job
> posts (thats why I quoted the entire thing above.)

This is, as has been detailed at some length previously, because
misbehaving recruiters are a serious and recurring problem, such that it
turns out to be pragmatically useful, and worth the verbiage, to put
them on notice.

> How can you possibly call what I postede "bait"?

As my friend James Randi says, "Rather well, as it turns out."

> _Two_ things happened: 1) I _removed_ the forward request sentence, to
> be in compliance with that rule/desire of your/your_system.

I refuse to believe you're that stupid.  If you _are_ that stupid,
please do leave.

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