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jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Aug 1 21:12:00 PDT 2007

per the top of text in the URL,
* seems a code of ethics and/or morality is necessarily
bound to society. Hardly meaningful to have good and
bad with respect to rocks, for instance.
* don't we have a reasonably good code of ethics in
the bill of rights (preamble to the constitution) and in
the golden rule (do unto others as you'd have them do
unto you)?

    as to your question at end, every judge is different
and pretty much a little brass king in his/her own
courtroom. No way to formulate anything that would
apply to all judges in all courtrooms.

On Aug 1, 2007, at 8:21 PM, Rick Moen wrote:

> http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Essays/jury-duty.html#deux
>    ...they stopped me right there and said, "Kid, we want you to go
>    and sit down on that bench that says Group P (for Peremptory 
> Challenge).
>    _Now, kid!_"
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