[conspire] danger at Fry's before 2100 , nota printer

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 12 19:20:20 PDT 2007

re: don't buy cheapies from Fry's etc.

Looking at the today only special from them, its
120-50(MIR)=70 for a brother laser printer. Going I
saw no boxes of them there but did see a sign at 2
stores about a 2040 laser. Looking at cups on my
simplyMEPIS6.5 install I find no 2040 listing. Don't
get tenpted by those because neither = a driver match
for the brother 1440 laser I enjoy nor does that 2040
have a listed driver. Don't expect it to work out. 
Grabbed a vm file that mimics a 20g ide drive next to
a bunch of files that mimic different scsi drives.
Suspect some recent compatibility problems come from
the site recommending the scsi images for linux , thus
the vm where stuff gets tested does not really
resemble cheaper desktop boxes.

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