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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 17:50:45 PDT 2007

Actually, you're conflating two issues (and making the false assumption
that hardware issues preclude BALE being up to date).  I'm going to
answer both implied questions, because you have (in effect) asked them
-- even though it's equally likely that your _intende_ meaning is "I
miss having BALE be up to date."

1  The existing hardware can more than adequately support BALE in either
of two ways:  I can either manually edit every single entry as flat HTML
in a text editor, or Deirdre can assist me in replacing or repairing her
broken Python script whose absence prevents BALE fromactually , I'm responding to your explanation in Dec. and the fact its still down. - Hope alls well at your place.

Bought the 64x2 3800+ amd cpu w m/board combo at Fry's for $90 and the x-y = $99 for 2g of 667 ddr2 ram. Guess I'll finally do emulation for my w98 legacies. Looks like the am2 socket version of cpu for this ecs 6100sm-m m/b wants ram one level slower than 667 - how likely will this cause trouble ? If I do both optical and hd on the only ide connector will it likely work ? I wanna do any return asap, some values = too good to be true . Will the funny interface material on the included heat sink /fan really work out ok now that i mounted it, it was easy ?

The fish are biting.
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