[conspire] Recommendations request: Keychain and GUI editor

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Apr 2 12:27:40 PDT 2007

Quoting William Lazar (bill at billsaysthis.com):

> Long time lurker here, just got a Gentoo-based desktop computer and  
> would appreciate some advice from the more experienced. At the moment  
> I'm looking for two things:

Eh, some of us know you well, Bill.  ;->

> = something similar to keychain on OS X so I don't need to type in my  
> password every time I hit the subversion repository. I found a  
> package called keychain from someone at IBM but couldn't really  
> understand his article, which is certainly my fault but nonetheless  
> still the case, so if anyone thinks this is the tool for the job but  
> can point me to a simpler, more user-level explanation I'd be obliged.

Many people use sshagent for that.  (I assume you're talking about SSH


> = an editor similar to TextMate on OS X or UltraEdit on Windows; I've  
> tried Tea and nEdit but neither does it for me. SVN integration would  
> be swell, though I'm using RapidSVN and reasonably okay with it as a  
> separate tool.

Ah, yes.  You'll probably have to get recommendations from someone else,
in this caregory, because I use nothing but console editors, these days,
and so don't know what's considered the best graphical programmers'
editors on X11.  (That is, I have no basis for an opinion, and am
starting from zero in even letting you know what's out there.)

Zoinks, SlickEdit (proprietary), Epsilon (proprietary), CRiSP
(proprietary), and of course Xemacs seem worth looking into, based on
this:  http://www.linuxlinks.com/Software/Editors/Other_X11/

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