[conspire] new2linux multi boot PPC

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 25 16:06:07 PDT 2006

in theory its an excellent idea 4 linux newbies 2 multi-boot; in practice the extra complexity can get overwhelming . I just re-install a *buntu to hda2 on my x86 multi system and it finds most distro and builds a ok menu.lst 4 grub fine.menu.list.   PPC i don't know, except on Ross's Whitey kde works good as xfce just a little slower in practice unless u also run bigger apps - the usual practice. 
I keep menu.LiST on hda2 because w98=hda1 and i know i want that low . I keep swap .gt. 998m at hda6 , its the perfect place, and try2 use hda8 as a shared /home BUT many distro's have trouble w this . my b.coston.googlepages.com may help but u r PPC not x86 . I'd read all i can find about multi on PPC and try 9888m size for /root partitions. I use gparted 4 partitioning as some dostro don't partition/format etc. , well/at all.
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