[conspire] Fc5 & Netzero

John Andrews jla1200 at netzero.net
Sun Sep 10 20:08:10 PDT 2006

jla at vstrom:/opt/nzclient$ cat runclient.sh

cd /opt/nzclient


java -cp $cp -Dnz.browser=mozilla -Dnz.clientName=$0 -Dnz.RAS=./nzppp 
-Dnz.rasde lay=60000 -Dnz.TextFontName=SansSerif -Dnz.TextFontSize=7 
-Dnz.FontName=Arial -D nz.FontSize=9 nzcom.ZCast
jla at vstrom:/opt/nzclient$
	If this is the runclient.sh, how would you edit this script to point to the 
installation of JavaJre. Read on.

-I used the archive manager to unpack netzero.deb and copied the folders 
to /opt/nzclient.

-I installed the Java JRE (thanks to posts on this forum!) and then edited 
runclient.sh from the /opt/nzclient directory to point to my installation of 

-To run Netzero, I start a console and run /opt/nzclient/runclient.sh as root. 
It dials and connects. The only glitch I seem to be having is that the 
Netzero toolbar does not show up at the top of the screen. The Java process 
is shown to be running and I can use the Internet, so I'm not too worried.
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