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Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre at deirdre.net
Tue Oct 24 10:57:59 PDT 2006

On Sep 25, 2006, at 12:10 PM, Rick Moen wrote:

> One of the many, _many_ things that creep me out concerning LinkedIn
> is the fact that I know you _didn't write_ most of that "personalised"
> message:  About 95% of it is boilerplate marketing text from
> LinkedIn management, filled in with a small amount of detail prompted
> from you, to make it look less like a computer-generated sales pitch.

DHH's rant on LinkedIn:

"Speaking of things they’re terrible: How do you courteously turn  
down a request? There seems to be no easy way of “letting it ring on  
silent”, like you’d do with a phone call you’d rather not take at the  
moment, but don’t exactly want to send that signal to the caller.

And it’s probably not just LinkedIn. Social networks seem to be  
inherently disrespectful of common social conventions."

Some of the comments are insightful (including some interesting  
points in support of LinkedIn as a site), but this one was hilarious:

LinkedIn 23 Oct 06

David, I’m pregnant.

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